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Subscribe to Prescribe

Press Launch.

It’s my duty as president of BADT and my pleasure to herald the launch of the landmark project Subscribe to prescribe – where BADT and BSDHT will work together to apply for prescribing rights through the exemption framework. this is the framework that midwives work to where they have a list of 30 drugs that they can administer to their patients.

10 years ago we were allowed to administer local anaesthetic and fluoride freely and through a change in MHRA legislation this was taken away from us and PGD,s and PSD’s were enforced. Using these frameworks have been a challenge to us, and to the dentists and management structures that we work with.

Having our rights back will in turn benefit communities, the profession and industry. It will increase footfall, increase patient treatment output and therefore we will be able to choose the appropriate use of the appropriate material/drug to do the jobs we are tasked with.

We need to raise £50k to fund 2 research fellows to collect,research and collate the data needed to complete our case submission for the department of health and we have an 18 month window to do this.Each part of the process incurs a fee and other cases have cost this amount.

In summary we need two things :-

BADT AND BSDHT need your money and your solidarity at this time

2: We need written examples of real time treatment episodes that have been affected / rescheduled because of the lack of a prescription or an incorrect prescription.We have forms on the BSDHT web site for you to fill in and these can be accessed on our BADT websites from next week.

We look forward to the journey and we hope you will come along with us.

Thank you for listening.

Amanda Gallie
President BADT

The green light has been given by NHS England Chief Professionals Office for dental hygienists and dental therapists to pursue the quest to be able to provide prescription only medicines (POM), specifically local anaesthetic, topical anaesthetic and fluoride varnish, to patients without having to first get a prescription from a dentist.

This is considered an important milestone in the continued development of the role of dental hygienists and therapists in the UK.

Over several months, the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) and the British Association of Dental Therapists (BADT) have collaborated together to undertake a scoping process with NHS England, assessing the need for use of further mechanisms to administer or supply POM for the profession.

The BADT and BSDHT are pursuing ‘exemptions to the Medicines Act’. Exemptions would mean that a list of prescription only medicines would be specified in legislation for dental therapists and dental hygienists to administer or supply.

In the future, after necessary training, this means dental therapists and dental hygienists would be able to provide local anaesthetic and fluoride in their daily practice without a Patient Specific Directive (PSD) or Patient Group Directive (PGD).

Help needed
The BSDHT and BADT now need the considerable voice of the profession to ensure this vital change happens. To do so, they need to build their case of the need for the use of exemptions across this profession.

The societies want to hear how the inability to supply or administer certain medicines has so far impeded your ability to do your day-to-day job. Have you had to send away a patient with incomplete treatment because you cannot get a prescription?

Please email with your experience and the impact it had on you, your patient and your practice. Speak to your colleagues, and ask them to share their experiences.

While there are no guarantees about the end result, the profession must fight hard for what it needs; help the societies provide evidence for the future of the profession.

Employing a project lead to drive this project forwards will take time and resources, so the BADT and BSDHT will also be fundraising via Crowdfunding. To help fund this project, visit the website:

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