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Presidents September Blog

Hi Everyone,

My heart goes out to all of the families and the medical staff affected in Las Vegas by the tragedies of the shootings yesterday. I feel very thankful today that our UK gun laws and licensing are strict and are in place to protect us, our children, and our loved ones.

Well autumn is most definitely in full swing with the leaves turning and more importantly the cosy jumpers and winter clothes are most definitely coming out of my wardrobe this week. I hope everyone is well, working effectively, but playing hard and sleeping well too as work life balance is important.

This links nicely to my next topic that has really inspired me this week: Body Clocks.

The science community in the US have been researching the body’s clock and in doing so, have been awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize for medicine and research.

We all know that rest and sleep are very important, but just how much hadn’t really been researched and revisited for a while. The research base has been separated in time, there are some preliminary plant studies from 1729 and more recently insect studies from the 1970’s.The recent findings in summary are : there are two proteins PER and TIM that control a gene called the “period” gene which governs our body clocks and commands a whole host of cells. Cells that not only receive light, read the light and wake us up, but cells that alter blood pressure, body temperature, hormone release and metabolism.

This valuable research piece helps us to gain insights into why shift workers suffer with health problems and experience higher incidence of neoplasia for example. We are wired to the rotation of the earth – an interesting fact you’ll agree.(Read more at

Well it’s been a busy month- September has been a flurry of meetings and the launch of the BSPD and the D of H Dental check by 1- a clarion call to the profession, parents and carers to take children to the dentist by their first birthday. BADT were invited to support this initiative by issuing a statement- we did that of course and we have asked the BSPD for closer links going forward.

I attended the CQC and the RDSPB (Regulation of Dental services programme board) stakeholder event in London at the start of the month. The focus was on “Improving quality of dental delivery” and we were asked for ideas around implementation and how to work closer. The buzzword was audit- and I was asked if DCP’s are involved in audit.I assured them that we do. If anyone has any good examples please do share them with the executive team. The LPN and LDC agencies were cited as good ways of networking and I have asked for a statement on DCP involvement in these bodies. I am involved locally in my LDC and LPN and I urge you to go along to a meeting and listen to these very engaged groups.

We held our bi-annual executive meeting in Liverpool in the middle of September. BADT Conference 2018 is well on the way- looking at Self – development and the date will be on the website shortly. We had some great insights from our new young, fresh faced, inspirational new officers and it was great to hear their viewpoints.

The BDA and Dentistry show are joining forces for 2018 and we have an exciting speaker line up for the lecture day so put the 19th May in your diaries for the BADT hosted theatre.

We are looking to develop some training modules for those coming back to Therapy. We realise that this is key to Dental Therapists going forward. As soon as we have some concrete dates and venues in place we will let you know.  

Last week Fiona our past president and I were invited to a National Education event to help shape undergraduate education for the future. These meetings are scheduled every 20 years and it was an honour to be involved. The future is very Therapist focused- they talked about our skill set a lot!

The Dental Dean from Liverpool announced a new pilot dental degree which will take AAA and BBB students through Dental hygiene and Therapy training to either stop and practice there or travel up be a Dentist, a Researcher or a Specialist. It’s the advent of the skills escalator that Professor. Elizabeth Kay developed in the late 1990’s and it is now being realised. It was great to witness the advent of a new training pathway and it may mean that therapists can train to be a GDP in the future if people want to which is very progressive and exciting.

The prescribing project is rolling on nicely, Fiona and Michaela have shown me the document for the case and it’s looking good and more importantly very strong. Please keep sending in your examples from practice to the BADT website Together we make the case stronger.

The just-giving second phase funding page will be live very soon too, so if anyone has any fundraising ideas please let us know.

See you next month and best wishes to all.


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