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President’s October Blog

Presidents Blog October /November 2017.

Happy November everyone, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us, and here in Rutland we had our first frost last night- brrrrrr.

Where did October go by the way? Its been a busy month with lots of meetings and activities going on behind the scenes. Therefore I will crack on and tell you what has been going on..

On the 23rd September we held our bi-annual council meeting and we used the day to develop the BADT conference 2018 learning package. So here is a save the date moment: The dates will be 28/29th September 2018 in Oxford. The venue is very central, near to the Cotswolds for an extended break and the M40 and M1.

The theme of Conference will be self development/ developing your potential : looking at personal development plans- the new CPD landscape, resilience, treatment planning, paediatrics, traumatology and a big hands on component so more news to follow on that…. I’m very excited – and of course Deb will be coming in as our new President so we will have a good party night too. We really hope you can all make it.

On the 6th October I went to see the business and professional manager at the Royal College Nursing . We have been working with the RCN on the funding issues for student nurses and Allied Health professionals. We contributed to a proposal that set out to reject and challenge the new funding proposals and this was sent to government in August 2017. However, the removal of bursaries is now going ahead despite our  previous efforts. This will have a huge impact on all Allied Health professionals and particularly for the funding of Hygienist and Therapy training from 2019.

The RCN has over 60,000 members and their degrees, learning development packages and conferences are very good. I went to introduce our profession face to face and talk about learning needs of therapists. I expressed interest for any future collaborations on our more medical subjects in dentistry. They were very receptive and I also had a tour of their HQ in Cavendish Square. There is a great coffee shop there  for the public to use -so do go in for a welcome rest from London if you’re in the area ( RCN postcode W1G 0RN).

On the 19/20 October Deb, our chair, and I attended the BDIA industry exhibition in Birmingham. Fiona our past president was there working very hard on the prescribing proposal with Michaela from BSDHT. A huge thanks to Optident for facilitating  time and admin space on the stand. The show was great and it was good to walk around and network .We may have some new funding streams and speakers for the conference, so it was a good use of our time and our shoe leather. My feet are always so sore after a day on my feet- roller skates needed perhaps!

We have written to Jeremy Hunt this week (w/c 30/11/17) to ask for an opportunity to discuss the problems of access to the NHS contract. There is a big access problem in Cornwall and Lincolnshire where 26 Dentist jobs cannot be filled. I have asked for a meeting at DOH to discuss how as therapists, we could potentially be commissioned to service Lincolnshire and beyond, by allowing us to open and close a course of treatment and carry out an examination. I will keep you posted of any progress that is made.

Finally, The HEE education reform project is now rolling. There is a video on U-tube and the link is below….

We would appreciate your views on Hygienist/Therapy and Dentist training. The vocational route was developed in Fiji and Australia, and proposed in England by Elizabeth Kay. This will provide a new career escalator to Dentistry qualifications.

We would like to know your views. Should the BDS qualification stay, should this proposed route be put in its place completely- its all open for discussion. The BDA have been in touch and would like support from the DCP groups to maintain the BDS as a stand alone qualification – as this proposal could mean the end of it, although I doubt that very much as we will still need Dentists. We are entering a phase of ‘disruptive innovation’ as its called. This is a phrase coined by the creator of Obama Care.

Looking at the bigger picture, as a consequence of this disruption, a new more vocational fit for purpose practitioner for the 21st century could be created, is what is needed and will now be realised. I’m all for that and BDS and Therapist students training side by side can only benefit patients and enhance professional understanding and acceptance.

So please do send me your views to as it’s not my viewpoint that matters – but yours does and as BADT is a stakeholder in this process we need to give an informed viewpoint. Have a look at the video and get back to me in the next two weeks please.

Have a good month- keep warm and happy and see you next month.


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