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President’s August Blog

August Presidential blog ; Amanda Gallie

New term.

Afternoon everybody.

It’s Burleigh weekend if you’re into horses and its been an amazing 29 degrees here yesterday but today it feels like autumn.

Here’s my Monty Don moment! Ive just been down on my allotment ,digging, eating berries of all descriptions and getting the potatoes in: On the plus side Ive managed to grow at least 50 viable potaoes – woo hoo ! On the negative side Ive had to deal with knot weed on the strawberry patch so sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Might need to invest in some weed killer….

August has been a little less hectic office wise. I’ve had two weeks in Suffolk trying to sail but the wind beat us a lot of the time, Deb our President –elect has been in Spain and the team have hopefully had a rest from me. Practice has been busy since returning and last weekend I celebrated a birthday with friends and family which  recharged the batteries and lifted the soul ready for the new term.

Its been good to have a break and some thinking time and I have been thinking about what BADT has the potential to do for its members and the profession. I think that retraining courses for therapists are going to be very important moving forward. A lot of our workforce and I include myself here, are in a holding pattern whilst therapists are manouvered into place in the new NHS contract.

We don’t know when roll out will be, but as soon as the executive team know- we will be on it.

Whilst we wait, it will be our responsibility to get to grips with personal development plans and ask ourselves some pertinent questions. For instance, which parts of the restorative elements of our curriculum do we need to rediscover? When did you last pick up a hi-speed and can you work quickly and efficiently with it ?

Is your periodontal knowledge as strong as your restorative learning base? These are good questions to ask ourselves as we prepare for change.

We have our executive meeting in September and we will able to plan some events going forward; so please do support these initiatives and give us your ideas for content and what you would like a re-training module to look like.

Direct access:

August for me, brought questions about direct access, case law pertaining to direct access, and what does a direct access patient look like in 2017? A forum on the hygienist and therapist network brought this subject to my attention, and it was interesting to think about and indeed to learn from this on- line thread. I decided to go away and consult the GDC standards department head Janet Collins who worked on the original Direct Access submission and a medically/dentally/legally qualified-dento legal adviser for BUPA, Paul Lambden, and the experts at MDDUS and my thanks to all.

The question was this, is a patient within the practice framework attending the dentist for examinations a direct access patient and how long does a prescription from a GDP last from giving it to a Hygienist or Therapist?

The second part to the question was easy, the NICE guidelines state that an oral health review (led by a dentist) should be carried out at a minimum of 3 months, no longer than 12 months for a child, and no longer than 24 months for over 18’s. Patients need to understand that there is no guarantee that new disease will not develop between recall visits. These guidelines are due to be reviewed in 2018-19 and the NICE document ( checks) supersedes any previous advice.

The first part of the question is a little more complex, another grey area. The Direct access element is straight forward as it’s the patient’s choice and autonomy that trumps anything else. The problem would come if the patient has been seen by a GDP and you disagree on the path forward. The dentists prescription, diagnosis or plan of action should be discussed if you feel that you are of a differing opinion but if an in-house patient wants to see you the following GDC standards apply:

Principle 6 : Work with colleagues in a way that is in the patients best interest.

Principle 1: Put the patients interest first.

Principle 7: Maintain, develop and work within your professional knowledge and skills.

Principle 3: Obtain valid consent.

Principle 2: Communicate effectively with patients.

If you are the clinician and you want to provide direct access and have the indemnity specified in your schedule to provide it then please go ahead. Interestingly, so far to date there have been no dent-legal issues/cases linked to direct access and this is good and should be celebrated -I hope that this clarifies things going forward.

So whats coming up this month….?

Exemptions update:

The exemptions project is moving along and Fiona and Michaela have nearly finished the first draft of the cases of need. On the 5th September they have a final teleconference with the project team and the deputy CDO, Janet Clarke. On the 6th September the two cases will be put together at a meeting in Manchester.

The presidents, Helen Minnery from BSDHT and myself will then have a skype meeting to go through the cases with the project leads to finalise content. We are working on the premise that multiple pairs of eyes contribute to a solid case, so that we have the best possible chance of the case going forward to public consultation – the next stage.

BADT executive meeting: meeting our new recruits to BADT executive, conference planning team and area reps- we look forward to a great ideas day.

We have a meeting with the RCN – the Royal College of Nursing : we are working on a joint submission to the DOH about student funding for Allied Health Professionals and we want to look at other collaborations. The final submission for the student funding piece was finalised on Friday 25th August and I will share this with members when I have been given the official ok.

We have been invited to attend the CQC – regulation of dental services board stakeholder day on September 6th.

We are attending the Care of the Elderly East Midlands MCN.

Mel Prebble our Past Secretary is organising a fundraising lecture day for the exemptions form Prescribing project in January- details are on the BADT website.

The speaker line up is fantastic – please support this if you can.

Christina Chatfield has asked me to draw your attention to an opportunity. She is looking for a Therapist to join her team in Brighton for a fixed period internship. The details are on Facebook- Christina Chatfield. Chris runs and owns the Brighton dental spa and this would be a fantastic opportunity for work experience, to learn and grow with a great team and a pioneer of the dental world.

Some news:

Next, I would like give my humble thanks  and say goodbye to some very dear colleagues; Fiona Sandom our past president will be staying to work on the ‘Exemptions to prescribing project’ but is stepping down as Conference co-ordinator to concentrate on her PhD. I think you will join us in saying that we will miss her terribly and I would personally like to thank her for an amazing conference and Hall technique lecture this year; and for all of her passion and commitment to BADT over the years. She has completed an Iron women race this weekend so do sponsor her on Virgin fundraising.

Mel Prebble is also leaving us and stepping down as council member to concentrate on some new projects. Mel has been an amazing secretary and council member of BADT. Her advice, insights and ideas and organisational talents have been invaluable and she will be very, very missed by all of us on executive council.

We are also losing our editor Udita Patel, who has worked on two issues of our journal. Udita has had a family bereavement and we wish her well with moving forward and hopefully she can come back to BADT in the future.

Finally its Sugar Swap September an initiative from Denplan/Simply health. This is a great initiative to get patients thinking about the white stuff and making better diet choices. The Sugar Swap September website has some really good resources including a diet chart which will definitely provide some food for thought on snack inspirations. Have a look at

Well bye for now, here’s to the new term, new ideas and opportunities and I look forward to updating you with our progress next month. Enjoy the last weeks of summer and on behalf of BADT thanks for reading.


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