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Dear All

I’m writing this from Edinburgh airport amidst a lot of chocolate and news of 9,206 paediatric dental extractions. Sweet stuff is everywhere and the Public are being sold short in so far as sweet treats are deemed as an every day luxury but alas still no seemingly active education or mention of ‘eating responsibly’. Interestingly an article in the Times today cites that the food industry will fail to meet a target set by the UK government to cut sugar by a fifth by 2020.It reports that next week the government will be setting out new target figures on the content of sugar in cakes, chocolate, puddings yoghurt and ice cream in the hope of combatting obesity but with the food and drinks federation saying a 20% cut is technically impossible it’s going to be interesting. Failure is surely is not an option here and with £82 billion in turnover in this industry sector someone needs to take a firmer stance for the good of public health for the generations that follow. There needs to be more commitment and perhaps a hefty levy put on the food industry to support funding for obesity and caries prevention and treatment.

On a more positive note March 21st was the Spring equinox yippee! and it feels that there is energy and change in the air that is palpable and longer evenings await.

It’s Spring cleaning time and at BADT we have been getting ourselves ready for the busy few months ahead. We held an executive council meeting in Liverpool last weekend and the team talked strategy, we welcomed our new council members and editor – and equally, we welcomed a group of great local student hygienists and therapists as observers to our meeting. It was great to hear their views on their training, the role of Therapy and what they would like to see happen in the future.

If you didn’t know, BADT has been awarding a best student award since the late 1980’s and we present this at our conference. If you would like to nominate someone please contact our education officer Julie Ellis. We also offer a reduced membership for students and lots of support to help augment your studies and your transition from learning into the workplace.

Our conference on the 9/10th June 17 is about to go live and we are holding a student welcome breakfast for our student members. The conference content is superb and very relevant to registrants and student members alike. Its an opportunity to meet the executive team and more importantly for us to meet you – our future.

Fiona and Maddie are working hard to bring us a great conference and we look forward to hosting the Chief Dental Officer and our other prestigious speakers all talking about putting the mouth back in the body and back into the medical context.

We look forward to seeing you in Birmingham on the 9/10th June and before at the Dentistry show and the BDA conference. Come and see us and say hello and join us to make a difference. We all work voluntarily for the development and future of Dental Therapy and your help and support is vital.

Enjoy the Spring and keep an eye on the members page as lots of news to follow in the coming weeks.

Best Wishes to all of you. 


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