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Dear all

January has been quite busy, spring is springing and now the nights are getting lighter – hooray.

BADT is also bursting with activity; Fiona our Past President and other members of our council have been busy putting our conference content together. The symposium is taking place on the 9th/10th June 2017 in Birmingham. The theme is ‘Putting the mouth back in the body’, identifying and redefining our place in the medical community exploring the themes of prevention of obesity, diabetes, caries, care of the elderly and how to eat well. Sara Hurley the Chief dental Officer will be in attendance and she will be giving an address to all of the therapy community.

Last but not least we are hosting a masquerade ball – which will be an exceptional social event.

Please keep this date free and come and share in a great learning and networking experience.

At the beginning of January I attended a meeting at NHS England on prescribing rights and I will relay information to you when I have permission to do so.

Looking ahead, in two weeks time we have our annual council executive meeting. I’m looking forward to getting the team together, sharing in the energy and passion and meeting our new editor and regional representatives. If you haven’t completed the BADT survey monkeys out there please do before the end of the February as the information you give will be shared at that meeting and will help shape the future directions of our association.

I’ve written a piece on joining a professional organisation after some inspiration from our chair Debbie McGovern after a trip to a hygiene and therapy school. If you know someone who doesn’t feel the need to join a professional organisation then please share this piece with them.

Enjoy the spring everyone.

Professional organisation – now why do I need to sign up to that?

I know, I hear you. You like me are busy. You are juggling work or your studies, keeping your patients and dentists happy, a whirling social life, gym and swim routine, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and partners and lets not forget the pets!!

So where in all this is the time to think about a professional association and associating with it? Well I will lay it down- if you don’t join- you will be missing out. Professional organisations are a useful resource in our changing times. Facebook is all good but there’s a huge something missing there and that’s the power of being with others face to face, exchanging ideas, and nourishing, yes nourishing the profession going forward.

Facebook doesn’t have the political clout that our professional organisations do or the public facing element in society. Lets look at the BDA- they are called on all the time when there is Dentistry in the media-Facebook isn’t. Some of the advice on FB isn’t always correct either and this is what I worry about.

In 1958 Merton a pioneer in general nursing defined a professional organisation as:

“ An organisation of practitioners who judge one another as professionally competent and who have banded together to perform social functions which they cannot perform in their separate capacity as individuals.”

Human beings need to meet up, congregate and talk amongst themselves and in turn, mature like a fine wine/cheese and become advocates and pioneers for their causes and areas of interest. We are stronger together.

We cannot address contractual change and development of out workforce on Facebook or on social media. It needs physical meeting of minds and ideas and this is where alchemy happens and change occurs.

Societies provide many, many benefits to their members and for the new graduate it’s a very important step and you will make professional relationships that will last you a lifetime. I’ve known our Past President Fiona and our Council member Melonie Prebble as colleagues for many years but I didn’t meet them through friends; I met them at a meeting and look where that has got the three of us and the rest of the fine volunteers at BADT.

My knowledge base would not be what it is without my membership and attendance at professional association meetings- and the magazines and articles are second to none.

Professional groups provide government and NHS consultation, contact and dialogue. The CDO and her team contact you via the professional organisations. We help shape contract reform, workforce development, new qualifications and direction. We are jointly with the BSDHT going through the process to apply for prescribing rights and this will change our working lives HUGELY.

If you need help with some of the below please get in touch- we can help:

Contract information

Career resources and information

Tax help

Industry liaison and regional contact details.

If you want to talk to someone, someone with more experience to help with a problem – we are there.

  • Career mentoring
  • CV advice
  • Personal development plan
  • Educational opportunities and forums to meet the leaders in Dentistry.

We also provide

  • Up to date dental news and access to new innovation and industry trends.
  • Job news
  • Support
  • Empathy

Advice on GDC fitness to practice hearings and what to expect.

All of these things we do and we will continue to do with your help and if we don’t have your help we cant.

Giving back and supporting your organisation is also a tremendous and altruistic thing to do. You enjoy being with others working for a cause and it’s a CV builder which can put you above the rest of the best in a job application. A Regional rep position is a job I did for many years and I really liked doing it.

For £7.50 a month, its seven and a half good pounds spent – I don think that’s a bad deal do you ? You might make some new friends and that’s worth a thought!

Please don’t just piggy- back on the back of others who have membership and expect things to change for the better because they wont. Go on do yourself a huge favour get in there and help create change, change for the better.

Thanks for reading and there’s a reference and a link below.


www.nursing No.1-Jan-2012 Why professional organisations are important to professions Join the BADT today ( green button).


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