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FROM CRADLE TO GREY SEPTEMBER 2016 BADT Annual Conference was held in September 2016 Topics covered were : Periodontal Disease and Diabetes Medical Challenges in Dentistry Update on Prescribing Rights Management of Root Caries JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT ANNUAL CONFERENCE IN JUNE 2017 (Date and Venue TBC)

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Changing Demographics Demand Age-Appropriate Oral Care

Today’s dentists may see multiple generations of patients: kids with tooth decay, parents who need root canals, and grandparents trying to preserve their teeth. Naturally, one size does not fit all in administering treatment. There’s a growing awareness in the profession for the need for age-appropriate care, which means providing oral care and advice with […]

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Having a sweet tooth not always linked to being overweight

A new study reveals that there is not a strong connection between sweet taste, diet and body size. In their latest study, scientists in Australia suggest that sweetness is not necessarily what drives people to eat the types of food that can lead to weight problems. Professor Russell Keast, head of Deakin University’s Centre for Advanced Sensory Science (CASS), […]

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On 12 May, for the first time in its 67-year history, the British Society of Periodontology is taking the bold step of launching an innovative UK-wide campaign to raise awareness of gum disease and its far-reaching impact on general health. ‘As gum disease is a serious public health issue, affecting the quality of life of over […]

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Dental teams must step up to help mums-to-be quit smoking

Every dental team should include smoking cessation as part of its treatment service if the future health of the nation is to be improved. And, any dental hygiene programme should embrace the ‘making every contact count’ healthcare principle by conducting oral health checks on each and every patient and engaging those who do smoke in […]

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Dental Protection appoints Raj Rattan as new Dental Director

Dental Protection has appointed Raj Rattan MBE as the new Dental Director, to succeed Kevin Lewis who steps down in summer 2016. Mr Rattan has over 30 years’ experience in dental practice and has been associated with Dental Protection for over 20 years, first as a dentolegal adviser and more recently as a senior dentolegal […]

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Fizzy drinks need child-friendly ‘teaspoon labels’ to spell out sugar content, say councils

Fizzy drink companies should put child-friendly labels on the front of their products spelling out the sugar content in teaspoons, in a bid to beat tooth decay and child obesity, councils say. The Local Government Association (LGA), which represents more than 370 councils – with responsibility for public health – says many youngsters and parents are […]

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Periodontitis linked to a higher mortality rate in patients with kidney disease

New findings from the University of Birmingham show that patients with chronic kidney disease patients and periodontitis have a higher mortality rate than those with chronic kidney disease alone. The research, published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, adds to the growing evidence for poor oral health being associated with other chronic diseases. Data from 13,734 […]

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How to tackle the global sugar problem

A new briefing paper by a University of Warwick academic outlines six proposals for UK policy that could help the country tackle sugar-related problems at home and abroad. The paper, called Sugar Shift: Six Ideas for a Healthier and Fairer Food System, argues that a reduction in sugar consumption, recommended by the World Health Organisation […]

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