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BADT Presidents Blog March 2018

Greetings to all BADT members and registrant colleagues.

Just to start- I want to pause for a moment to remember all the Mums and Gma’s out there who juggle so many things in life including Dentistry, you are all amazing and we thank you.

I also want to mention the great loss of Professor Stephen Hawkings who passed away today. What a life- for someone who was given a 2 year prognosis with Motor Neurones; he has been a true inspiration and his research on time and space is a huge legacy that he leaves behind. Our thoughts are with his family. I must read ‘A brief history of Time’, Ive been told its great and 10 million readers cannot be wrong…..

Firstly the long awaited journal is on its way to you, Eddie the Commercial editor has been quite ill so we waited till he was back in the office to action the edit and printing. I am looking for budding clinical writers to write a piece for the journal. If anyone would like to write about paediatric management and anything vaguely themed around paediatrics then that would be most welcome. Please contact me at for copy dates and details.

There’s been a lot going on in the last four weeks; At the end of last month we had our executive council meeting in Liverpool. Where we finalised Conference 2018 and we discussed the GDC ecpd and how we need to accommodate this into BADT learning opportunities and development. The retraining course is nearly ready to launch and we looked at the content. We have new additions to propose to council and members at the AGM and Im delighted to welcome :

1.Debbie Hemmington as our proposed Chair – elect. Debbie has an educational background and is based at the Eastman in London as a senior tutor. I know she will be a huge asset to the runnings and progression of BADT and we thank you for accepting the nomination.

2. Fiona Sandom our Past president is going to be working in a new post ‘Professional development’ and she will be working on the exemptions project and other educational pieces for the association. A huge thank you to Fiona for agreeing to do this and the continuing work on exemptions.You can catch an update on this piece at the Dentistry show on the BADT day Saturday 19th May 2018.

Last week, we attended a meeting at Skipton House with the Department of Health. This follows on from a letter that I wrote to the department asking to open some dialogue on the employment of Dental Therapists, the lack of utilisation and the legislation obstacles in the way of DT’s opening a course of treatment.

A team from the Ministry of Health, and the finance director for NHS England met us to discuss the themes of the letter. At present the DOH has asked for reassurance around our diagnostic capabilities and this seems to be the bar to DT’s carrying out an Oral health Assessment which is dissapointing- but its not over yet!  Consequently, we are going to carry out a piece of work on mapping the diagnostic strengths of a Therapist and we will fight this all the way to the top. The good news is we are now going to meet with the DOH quarterly and will have the contract information sent straight to us which is a good movement in the right direction.

See you at the Dentistry show/ BDA conference where we are hosting the Hygiene/Therapy Theatre on Saturday the 19th May- the day of the Royal Wedding: and do watch for the Conference launch next week.


Best wishes
Amanda and the BADT team.


Finally I leave you with some great quotes:

1. Two Stephen Hawking’s quotes:

On the Universe: “It would not be much of a Universe if it wasn’t home to the people that you love.”
On Curiosity: “So remember, look at the stars and not at your feet.”

2. A quote for all the mums

“Mother’s love is the fuel that enables a human being to do the impossible”.
Marion C. Getty.

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