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BADT Presidents Blog July 2018

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, congratulation to all of the newly qualified Therapists in the UK. Welcome to BADT, the world of post- graduate life and well done for working so hard to get here.

A big ‘ Thank you’ goes out to all the tutors/ Directors and examiners for working so hard at this busy time.

We invite new members to reach out and get touch for networking opportunities, job seeking tips and any other advice that you may want answers to.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and managing to work comfortably and treat patients in the heat. The air-conditioning unit in my surgery is broken and we are on a waiting list for a technician to fix it ; We are hanging ice cube bags on the fan to circulate some cold air and praying it doesn’t get over 30 degrees this week!

BADT exec team are gearing up for conference 2018 with great enthusiasm. Have you booked your place yet? We would be so pleased to see you in Oxford on the 29/30th September. BADT conference team have put together a flexible programme around the theme of “Evolution – how far can we go ?’ This looks at the future of Therapy and the possibilities ahead. There is a day rate available this year for busy mums and dads and something special just for the student community!

Oral B and Tepe have sponsored 40 free places for conference for Hygiene and Therapy students. Letters have gone out to all of the Universities and schools to promote this- we would love two representatives from each school. Please speak to your tutor/ Director for details if you want to come along. The speaker line up is fantastic and we have a “school reunion” themed dinner and disco to welcome in our new President Debbie McGovern.

Early in June BADT were invited by the BDA to co-sign a letter directed to the Health Minister requesting HPV vaccinations for boys in the UK to help prevent oral cancer. A response has come back from the Department of Health, which in summary explains that after consultation with public health and medical experts, there will be no change to the current vaccination programme as there is little evidence and therefore no discernible health benefit. This is disappointing, and I urge all of you to write to your MP’s about this gender biased decision. We need to think of our children and their safety and HPV vaccination is paramount going forward.

So hows the sugar tax going for you? Have you noticed any changes? I am so pleased that energy drinks are going to be restricted for young children. This is a progressive step. As I might have mentioned last month, I decided to go on a no added sugar month in June. I wanted to be able to talk to my patients about real life alternatives to sucrose.  It was a challenge and honestly I fell off the wagon in the final week with a dessert at a board dinner. But for 3.5 weeks I used and cooked with xylitol which was great as an alternative. Xylitol doesn’t froth in tea and coffee and is great to bake with. On a personal level, my sleep quality has been so much better, my blood sugar was more on the level and I craved less snacky things in between meals. I also have lost a little weight but I wasn’t planning on that ! So do have a go- it’s has its benefits and it makes you realise that sucrose is hard to escape from out there…

The office of the CDO has sent a link for their resources for dental check by 1 and Healthy eating initiatives – this is available on the BADT website https:// for all members.

July heralds GDC registration renewal and the end of our CPD cycle and the start of e-CPD in August. The GDC website has just published a video all about the new requirements; If you’re coming to conference in September we have a lecture and workshop to attend on e- CPD personal development plans, which is an integral part of the new CPD process.

Finally, BADT went to meet Judith Cummins Labour MP in Portcullis House last week to discuss the contract number / employment issue. Judith is extremely passionate and vocal in Parliament about Dentistry. She is now aware of us, knows about the scope and value of a Dental Therapist and our roles in Primary care, Education, and the Community. Judith has gone away to consult with colleagues in the Shadow Health team and I will share any correspondence with you as soon as I receive it.

Well here’s to Summer, good health, happiness and Dental Therapy. See you all next month for my penultimate blog – how time flies!

Have fun!

Amanda Gallie
BADT President

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