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President’s July Blog

Morning all it’s a sunny July day here in Rutland and Ive just started my annual leave for 2 weeks, which is so welcome. My step- children are here and today in the diary we will be riding horses later this morning , playing tennis this afternoon and then seeing Dunkirk the movie tonight as its so now- as Harry Styles is in it !!

So firstly just a friendly nudge to pay your GDC retention fee and declare your CPD hours that go towards the 2018 completion. Then from next august we will have a new frontier of CPD – look at enhanced CPD : This will see a sea-change in how we evaluate ourselves, our goals, our strengths, our weaknesses and will help steer us to becoming better more informed clinicians. The advent of PDP’s (personal development plans) will be upon us with our learning and development goals set out 5 years ahead and we will all be expected to work to, and show evidence of the journey we have taken to fulfil our PDP in that 5 year time frame.

Personally, I’m glad to see the removal of non verifiable CPD and a more realistic 75 verifiable hours for the Dental Therapist and 50 hours for nurses. This breaks down to 15 hours per year so that’s a 2 day conference and some study which will be a more workable objective which will ensure quality and more importantly having to perhaps put yourself in different learning environments. We will be encouraged to access E- learning, conferences, study groups, lecturing writing and research and creating a mix of all of these mediums. It will be everyone’s own individual responsibility to develop and carry out SWOT analysis to get a grip on what we know as individuals and more importantly what we may not know or subject areas that are unfamiliar and may need some more time exploring and learning again. At BADT we will be providing PDP help in the form of lectures at meetings and articles in future magazines- so please keep an eye out for these resources.

Our Fiona as Im calling her- our past president and Michaela from BSDHT are working hard on the prescriptions project and today heralds the next arm of the project which is to gather data from you the registered professional. If you go on to the BADT website there is a link for the case study form. PLEASE FILL ONE IN !!!! We need a folder full and so far we have only a handful of examples to draw from. Please document examples of any time that you have either had to send a patient home, alter their treatment direction or have been inconvenienced by not having a patient specific prescription for local, or other POM’s that are in our scope. PLEASE ACTION THIS EVERYONETHIS IS SO IMPORTANT- I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH.

BADT have been out and about home and abroad this month attending meetings and flying the flag for BADT and more importantly working for you.

Fiona has had 2 prescribing meetings at NHS England.

Debs our new president- elect has been to the GDC to contribute to the professionals working group.

Anne-marie and Jacky went to the GDC to contribute to the CPD enhancement group and separately to the education group.

Mel our chair – elect has been working on a new exciting members piece- more on that in the journal.

I went to the ORCA meeting- the European organisation for Caries Research in Oslo, and presented a research piece about caries scanning that I have been involved with. It was a great meeting , where the great academics in caries were assembled: Edwina Kidd,Kim Ekstrand and Jacob Ten-Cates to name but a few. I networked, handed out BADT cards and asked if there could be a motion put forward for European therapists to be able to join ORCA. I made some contacts with the Hygiene and Therapy schools in Arhaus Denmark and the Karolinska dental institute in Sweden- we will see what comes from that. The meeting looked at care of the elderly and I will write about this in the next journal.

We have our next BADT executive meeting in September and this will be a time to develop conference and training opportunities for next year. If anyone has any suggestions for lecture topics, courses that you want BADT to provide then please let us know.

BTW: There’s a great show about the history of sugar in the UK on BBC I- PLAYER called ‘THE SWEET-MAKERS.’ Indeed, the British have had a love affair with sugar since the 12th century. Skulls are examined- fascinating and one to create some dialogue with your patients about!!!

Have a great summer and take some time to think, relax and enjoy the sunshine however sporadic. The journal is on its way and it’s a good one.

Thanks for reading!


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